NOCTIS we are finalist

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Noctis has stamped its participation through a so called junior competition ” Injaz company program” and made /took it to the very awaited final , a profitable opportunity to present its product’s novelties and meet with its promising founders. The company has shown efficacy at work , providing a cost-effective solutions to several technology issues […]

Vampire Energy

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Vampire energy (energy consumed by devices plugged in unnecessarily) accounts for 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions. All this energy use enacts quite a hefty toll on the environment. Most electricity is produced by fossil fuel power plants, which means that to produce electricity, we must burn fossil fuels, thereby releasing greenhouse gases into the […]

Actualités : CONSOMMATION D’ÉLECTRICITÉ Des appareils en mode veille, ça coûte cher

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La facture d’électricité ne fait aucune distinction entre la consommation en mode on et la consommation en veille. Toutefois, vous pourrez faire le compte, en prenant en considération le nombre de watts consommés en stand-by par chaque appareil (mentionné dans certains cas), le nombre d’appareils et la durée de veille, au niveau de chaque foyer, […]

Qplug, product presented by Noctis Company

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Electric appliances differ in time of use; some are used for only an hour a day. QPLUG applys clockwork concept on power strip, it enables planned electricity use, intuitionally allowing its personalization so that they operate in the way the user wants them to with the help of a timer that may be set in […]